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PrInDT - an R package for statistics in linguistics.

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PrInDT is an R-package for the optimization of conditional inference trees (ctrees) for classification and regression. More information about the package can be found here

How to cite:
Claus Weihs, Sarah Buschfeld (2023): PrInDT: Prediction and Interpretation in Decision Trees for Classification and Regression, R package version 1.0, url = {https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=PrInDT} .

Related publications:
Weihs, C., Buschfeld, S. (2021a). "Combining Prediction and Interpretation in Decision Trees (PrInDT) - a Linguistic Example", Online: arXiv:2103.02336

Weihs, C., Buschfeld, S. (2021b). "NesPrInDT: Nested undersampling in PrInDT", Online: arXiv:2103.14931

Weihs, C., Buschfeld, S. (2021c). "Repeated undersampling in PrInDT (RePrInDT): Variation in undersampling and prediction, and ranking of predictors in ensembles", Online: arXiv:2108.05129